Someone once told me that artists have the inescapable passion and need to create. Not until recently did I fully comprehend what she was trying to say: not that artists create because they can, but because they HAVE to. We all have the need to fill the world with the new, inspiring the imagination, which utilizes the gifts that we were given. Every artist finds his or her own way to fulfill this longing. Mine is through the design and creation of 3D characters, props and environments.
Looking back, my passion to construct 3D objects has always been present, through the creation of costumes, little clay characters, etc.; I just never realized the application it could have in my artistic career. Making a profession out of what you love is truly a blessing and it is something that I am truly grateful for.
While working hard at schoolwork is very important, having projects on the side for your self-satisfaction and creation is almost or just as important. These projects ensure you never lose the passion that started it all. Some of my side projects include fan art, costuming, and taking the time to sculpt some of my own character designs. My most recent endeavor is joining the Rebel Legion, a film grade costuming charity, with my Rey costume, which I fabricated.
Being a visual arts student at Ringling College of Art and Design, I have had the opportunity to further my knowledge in the field that I love, learning more and more every day. I cannot wait to find out what the future has in store!